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Weekly FREE Gear

Are you into EDC or Tactical Gear? We are going to Give Away FREE Roaring Fire Gear to someone 

Who will be willing to do Instagram/Facebook posts or make a short YouTube video and share your 
enthusiasm with others. We’re giving away 2-3 items every week.


We want to invite those who are passionate about their everyday carry gear to get involved. 

If you’re interested in receiving free gear, please apply by filling out the below application 

Apply for FREE Gear

How do you know if you’re qualified to apply for the free gear?

1)You need to have at least one active social account(Youtube, Instagram, and or Facebook) 
with over 100 followers.

2) You commit to post a product video on your Youtube or
at least 3 posts on your Instagram 
or Facebook accounts of the item. 

3) The video or posts needs to be done within a month after you receive the sample.

4) You pay $6 for the shipping cost or accounts with over a 1000 followers receive free shipping. 

           You'll receive the email reply on Sunday if you win the weekly Free Gear.

You can only receive one give away item. 

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