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When to Wear Your Tactical Fanny Pack

Fanny packs went through a period of popularity many years ago, before fading away and eventually coming into vogue again. These days, fanny packs are more useful than ever, and modern tactical fanny packs are far more advanced than their predecessors from decades past.

Tactical Fanny Pack Uses

Tactical fanny packs, sometimes referred to as modular fanny packs or waist packs, have a multitude of uses. They’re a perfect blend of style and utility, and although tactical fanny packs are most popular among preparedness experts and military trainees, they can be useful to just about anybody.

Outdoorsy types use tactical fanny packs for camping, hiking and other backcountry adventures. They’ve also grown in popularity among police, firefighters and medical personnel.

If you’re considering investing in a high quality modular fanny pack such as the Roaring Fire Blaze Fanny Pack, then it’s worth considering all the various situations in which it might be useful. As it turns out, there are quite a few scenarios when wearing a tactical fanny pack is a smart move.

Everyday Carry

We all like to be prepared, and you never know when a particular tool might come in handy. When you need a knife, a fire starter, a flashlight, or a pair of pliers, everyone rests easier knowing they have it covered. But there may come a point when your arsenal of EDC essentials becomes too much to carry in your pockets.

That’s why a tactical fanny pack is so useful for everyday carry. It offers expanded space to hold everything you need. The Roaring Fire Blaze Fanny Pack is designed with two main zippered compartments, each with additional pockets, mesh pouches and loops inside to stow a wide array of EDC gear.

Hiking Trips

On short day hikes and trekking tips, a tactical or modular fanny pack is a great alternative to a full-sized backpack. You can use it to hold a day’s worth of trail snacks, along with your map, phone, and essential survival/emergency tools and supplies. The inclusion of a removable water bottle pocket makes the Blaze Fanny Pack particularly well-suited to hiking.

Even backpackers who need to carry much more gear and supplies may find a fanny pack useful in addition to their main backpack. The Blaze can be used as a summit pack, or on “slackpacking” days when you leave your larger pack behind.

Bike Rides

Cyclists often need to carry more than can reasonably fit in their pockets. But most mountain bikers and road cyclists discover that a full-sized backpack is overkill. Luckily, a fanny pack often turns out to be just the right size.

The Blazer modular fanny pack makes it easy to have your snacks, water bottle, sunscreen and insect repellent all within reach when you’re on a bike ride. There’s also room to spare for your sunglasses, phone, wallet and keys, along with a few tools and a tire patch kit, just in case you get a flat out on the road.

On the Job

If you have a job that requires you to carry various tools and supplies, then a tactical fanny pack is a great option. Carpenters, plumbers, electrictricians and other skilled laborers all get a lot of use of the Blaze Fanny Pack’s ample storage capacity, while its trim 9.85” x 6.3" x 1.97" dimensions ensure that it never gets in their way on the job.

Roaring Fire’s fanny pack is made of rugged 1000D Cordura Nylon fabric, and has durable YKK two-way zippers with zipper pulls. That means it’s tough enough to go with you on any job site, no matter where your work may take you.

Road Trips

The Roaring Fire Blazer Fanny Pack has a removable car seat back panel, which makes it one of the best fanny packs for car travel. The removable panel attaches to the headrest in your car, making it a great place to stow extra snacks and supplies on a road trip. But it’s also a great feature for keeping in your car at all times.

Many travelers use the Blazer’s removable car seat panel for their emergency car supplies, like a first aid kit, multi-tool, flashlight, spare batteries, extra phone charger, and so on. It’s great to always have these essentials close at hand when you’re traveling.


Anglers can get a lot of use out of a tactical fanny pack. It has all the room you need for a few basic fishing tools, an assortment of lures and a small tackle box or two. Unlike a backpack, a fanny pack doesn’t get in your way or interfere with your casting arm, and gives you full range of motion.

If you’re a fly-fisherman, the Roaring Fire Blazer Fanny Pack is a great alternative to a vest, and you can use it to carry an assortment of flies and tools while wading into the river. It’s also just the right size to carry your essential tackle while paddling a kayak or float tube.

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