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Top 10 EDC Essentials for Your Picofire Pocket Pouch

Everyday carry is all about being prepared for situations in which most people would be caught off guard. While some folks might wonder why you would want to carry a bunch of stuff all the time, you know that everything in your EDC arsenal has a purpose.

Of course, you might find that all the gear you want to carry is too much for your pockets. That’s why an EDC pouch like the Picofire Pocket Pouch from Roaring Fire Gear is so useful.

The Roaring Fire Picofire Pocket Pouch measures 6.3" x 4.33" x 1" and weighs just 3.5 oz, yet it has room for a surprising amount of gear. Made of water-resistant 500D Nylon with YKK Zippers, it’s a durable, reliable option to keep all your everyday carry essentials safe.

What to Keep in Your Picofire Pocket Pouch

What you carry in your Picofire Pocket Pouch will vary depending on your needs. Some EDC enthusiasts even arrange multiple pocket pouches for different situations. We recommend starting out with these ten EDC essentials:

Folding Knife

A good, sharp knife is arguably the single most important EDC tool you can carry. The potential uses for a quality blade are endless, so choose one that’s tough and reliable. A small Swiss Army knife is a good option that saves space and also offers a variety of other tools, but many seasoned EDC pros prefer to carry a larger dedicated pocket knife.

A folding knife with around a 3-inch blade is generally considered ideal for everyday carry. This size knife is legal to carry in most states, but be sure to check your local regulations.

Tactical Flashlight

Let there be light! A small flashlight is useful in a wide range of emergencies. If you need to change a tire in the middle of the night, or find yourself on a hike that unexpectedly goes until after dark, you’ll be glad to have one handy.

Most of the best EDC flashlights are lightweight, compact and use AAA batteries. Some have multiple light modes, while others are nice and simple. The choice is yours. Look for a tactical flashlight with a reversible pocket clip, which allows you to affix it to your hat brim and use it like a headlamp.


A pair of pliers is an often-overlooked EDC tool that has a wide range of uses. From holding and bending to twisting and pulling, there are a lot of situations in which pliers will make your life easier.

One option is to carry a multitool with a good pair of pliers integrated into its design. That has an obvious ad