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1.How to Use the portable mini water filter:: 

1) Put straw into water(1.5-3inch) 
2) Blow air into the straw(Exhaust air inside) 
3) Place mouth on fliter and draw water lightly 
4) Blow straw after drinking, to keep it clean and prevent them from clogging 

2. The portable water filter Specifications: 

Material: ABS PE 
Filter Appliance: 5-Stage Filter 
Size: 8.8*1.1 inch 
Weight: 2 oz. 
Pore size: 0.1 μm 
Capability: 396 gallon 
0.1 microns pore size 
Product color:Blue 
Technology: Hollow-fiber UF membrane&coconut activated carbon, This is an item everyone should have in their car, backpack, briefcase, or anything you carry with you daily, especially if you travel internationally to countries that have suspect or not reliable water supplies. 

1). Initial use, water should be spitted out. 
2). Do not use this product with salt water or chemically treated water. 
3). Temperature range: 32F-90F 
4). Use clear water as much as possible for longing filter life. 
5). When you finish with your filter, wipe off excess water and store in dry , cool conditions. 
6)First time filter straw tip: when you first use this filter straw, it is recommended that you soak it in water and wait 30 seconds before using it.This helps moisten the membrane inside the straws, making it easier to filter water 

4.QA Part: 
Question1:Any expiry date for this filer ? 
Answer:As long as you keep it seal in it's plastic or a baggie it should have an extremely long shelf life maybe longer life than most any other products due to charcoal in the filterwill absorb aqny impurities inside the bag. 

Question2:Can I use this straw to drink iced drinks? will clog and filter out all the chunky stuff........for water only

Roaring Fire Portable Mini Water Filter

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